2008: A Year in Review

A look back at the year 

Happy 2009 Everyone!

2008 was a busy and exciting year!!

 Rhiannon finished her first year of high school and began her second. She was involved in many musical activities, both in school and with her piano teacher.  The Piano/Guitar portion of the Music department performs two shows a year called "Best of Coffee House" (aka BOCH). For the Spring BOCH show, Rhiannon put together a band, 5-Day Forecast,  that performed  The Doors' Riders on the StormShe also performed Bruce Hornsby's The Way It Is as a solo act on piano. For the Fall BOCH show, her band, 9 Lives (a completely different band) performed Boston's Foreplay/Longtime. She also performed John Mayer's Heart of Life with another band she formed, Cardiac Arrest, and performed  solo playing Metallica's Nothing Else Matters on piano. David posted videos of all these performances on Rhiannon's YouTube channel. So IF you have broadband Internet service, give 'um a look. 

She didn't restrict herself to just the piano portion of the Music department; she accompanied two choirs at the band, orchestra and choir winter show. She is also the pianist for the school's Dixieland Jazz Combo. In Oct. she performed in the "Pops Variety Show" at her school. She played Gershwin's Prelude 3. Her final performance for the year was her school's Concerto concert in mid December. She was one of three featured soloists, selected by audition, that performed with the Eleanor Roosevelt Chamber Orchestra (the most advanced orchestra class). She played Beethoven's Concerto Number 3, Movement 1, a VERY beautiful and difficult piece. Because the concerto is almost 18 minutes long, we had to post it in two parts, Part 1 and part 2. (if you only have time to view one, part 2 is the one to watch ;-)

With her private piano teacher, she performed in the end of year recital in June. She also played in the fall ensemble festival performing duets with two other students. Rhiannon also participated in the fall Concerto competition where she received first place in her age group.

 Besides all of her musical activities, Rhiannon is very busy with "regular" school. She was able to take Precalculus over the summer.  Completing this course allowed her to take AP Calculus BC this school year. Along with AP Calc she is also taking AP Government, AP Chemistry and is thinking about taking the AP Music exam.  She is also in the French Honor Society and Tri-M (the music honor society).  She began her study of French when we lived in Canada (1998-2002) and is now becoming fluent. She will be going to France for 10 days after school ends next year ('09) to use her language skills and to see the sights.

Cindy's activities pale in comparison... She does a lot of "chauffeuring."  She started 2008 with a "new" position.  In 2007, she applied for a supervisory position and was selected. She had new responsibilities, a new boss who was also new to most of the responsibilities as well,  and different employees to supervise. It has been a hectic year of learning and becoming comfortable with her new role.  Cindy had one work-related trip in June to San Antonio. She stayed with her parents and visited as many people as a week-long trip allowed.

David continues his trading in the markets.  He took Rhiannon to her summer Precalculus class. He makes sure Rhiannon gets to school with everything she needs for the day.

We didn't go anywhere for a summer vacation.  We did plant a small summer garden of two tomato plants and a bell pepper plant (which was puny).  A neighborhood ground hog munched the tomato plants twice, but they kept coming back and gave us some tasty fruit.

Keep checking back for updates!


Cindy, David and Rhiannon